Beginning Screen Printing Class

Beginning Screen Printing Class
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Price $99.95

Terry Combs’ Complete Screen Printing Business Course ONLINE

Only $99.95 (regular price $249.95)

“This class covers 8 sessions - over 4 weeks - and starts EVERY MONDAY!”

If you can’t make it to one of our hands-on classes, we are bringing our classes directly to you via a written course, video, Skype one-on-one meeting and email. Save time, save travel, save hotels and meals and rental cars. Terry Combs now brings the Complete Screen Printing Business Course, already taught to thousands in person, to your home or office computer. In addition to videos, we're offering you one-on-one interaction with your questions, market ideas and business plans throughout the course. And at only $249.95 (SUMMER SALES) $99.95, this class is perfect when you just can’t get away. This is a limited time price with limited class size, so sign up today!

Take this class at your own pace and convenience. And your wife, husband, partners, kids or co-workers can watch and participate with you in the four week course. And available worldwide!!

Terry Combs offers the ultimate screen printing business course. With 30+ years experience in the screen printing trenches, printing hundreds of thousands of shirts, training thousands of students, this is the one and only class to offer you the definitive “start a screen printing business” package. This is absolutely the premiere training event anywhere in the world!!!

“Want to start a T-Shirt business? This is absolutely the course for you.”

This four week event will start from the very beginning “what is a screen” and end with learning about the business of screen printing. See how to setup and print a full color simulated process image on a black T-shirt. Learn to degrease and coat a screen. Learn the secrets of a quick set up for your multi-color jobs. Learn about transfers, specialty inks, art preparation and much, much more. Struggling with what equipment and supplies to buy? We can help you make informed decisions for your specific business. Lots of screen printing details, but presented in a fun, conversational environment.

“Already in the business but ‘Am I doing this right??’ This is your class.”

The Complete Screen Printing Business Course is for anyone who imagines becoming a professional and profitable garment screen printer. Whether working from your two-car garage or from your brand new storefront on Main Street, this class is your complete business startup course.

“When you complete this course, you’ll be ready to start your business!”

When you complete this course, you will have the skills and information you need to go home and actually open the doors of your own printed apparel business. And you’ll be armed with all those tips, tricks and hard earned secrets that come from years of screen printing experience. There are lots of random videos available online, but this is a real screen printing course taught by an industry recognized professional. And when you have questions, we're here to answer and help.

Class 1: Overview of the entire screen printing process
What equipment and supplies you will need to get started
Screen printing publications

Class 2: Screen frames
Industry reference websites

Class 3: Emulsions
Exposure units
Coating your screen

Class 4: Art preparation
Artwork terms
Film output
Industry suppliers

Class 5: Plastisol inks
Plastisol curing
Plastisol additives
Specialty inks and printing
Screen printed transfers
Ink manufacturers

Class 6: Preparing screens for the press
Setting up a multi-color job quickly and printing
Equipment manufacturers

Class 7: Setting up and printing a dark shirt
The art of the underbase
T-shirt suppliers

Class 8: The business of screen printing
Marketing and selling your products
Pricing your product
Copyright, trademark and licensing
Web hosting options

How it works: 

  • Written course with step by step photos, diagrams, etc. emailed to you twice per week
  • When a demonstration is the best teaching method, links to quick videos of specific steps in the screen printing process
  • NEW - Includes a ½ hour phone or Skype one-on-one consultation!!! 
  • Responses to your specific questions and comments throughout the course
  • Class completion certificate at the end of the course
  • And more!!!

Classes begin WEEKLY. Special summer price is $99.95 for the entire four week course. Remember, classes start each week, so sign up today to begin next Monday! Download the full PDF Flyer HERE